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filipino-opmThere’s a rumor circulating around that Original Filipino Music is unoriginal anymore. Just by watching our favorite variety show or by browsing on YouTube, we can see that our own local artists are heavily influenced by the foreign pop culture. Foreign acts are also showing their dominance in our country’s music industry. Is OPM really dead? Someday we’ll have the answer. It’s an argument that annoys most of us Filipinos.

While such several mainstream local artists exist, we are still fortunate that there are still a number who are creating their own music. Artists like Parokyani Edgar, Sandwich, Rico Blanco, OgieAlcasid, Kamikazee, Gary V, Barbie Almalbis, and of course, Ryan Cayabyab, just to name a few. These are the artists that we can call our own. These are also just a smaller portion of local musicians who write and play Filipino music.

There may be a lot of underlying issues that our local music industry is facing today and one of the main problems that can be pointed out is our media. The lack of promotion and assistance by the media can cause decline in the OPM industry. Today, we can notice that most of the time radio shows play foreign artists’ tracks. It’s destroying the industry. Even the government shows no full support for the OPM music industry.  These are the hard times for recording companies.

Today, most of the consumers buy music online as MP3s and MP4s are the way to go. Sure the internet is a great medium and offers several options for music promotion, but there are also glitches regarding its licensing regulations. Most OPM artists suffer from these file-sharing issues.

While those are just a few of the many issues that confront OPM music today, one thing is clear. OPM needs help from every one of us. And it is up to us as well as the government to revive and protect it. For OPM to be alive again, we need to support our local musicians all the way.